by Kelly Hawke

Sails Motel

An old-school motel that’s been given a coastal makeover.

Absolute Highlight

The Sails Motel was unpretentious, yet totally on trend… just like Brunswick Heads.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
neutral and nautical
The typical guest is...
relaxed and trendy
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
The Sails Motel uses eco friendly products & practices throughout, including a solar hot water system and on-site recycling.
The location is...
only a short stroll from the beach, through the town centre.
Interaction is encouraged by....
A welcoming common area, a family friendly swimming pool and a social BBQ area.
You should stay here because
it’s an affordable coastal getaway.
What took you there?

The Sails Motel had been on my radar for its trendy, nautical aesthetic and its location in charming Brunswick Heads, a once sleepy fishing village in Northern New South Wales. It was our second wedding anniversary and we wanted somewhere that embodied the quintessential coastal getaway, without the crowds and a hefty price tag.

What was your room like?

Simple, clean and comfortable. You could tell it was an older style motel that had been revamped, the bathrooms gave that away, but the queen sized bed was comfortable and neutral décor matched the coastal vibe. 

What about the venue

The Sails Motel is a retro motel, with a contemporary touch. It’s still got that old-school motel vibe, but has been thoughtfully updated.  Think polished concrete, white walls and fiddle leaf figs in the common area and modern furniture, air-conditioning and flat screen TVs in the rooms. It’s located on the ‘main drag’ of Brunswick Heads, but is only a short stroll to the shops and beach. Better yet, we didn’t have to drive anywhere, so had a margarita glow for the whole weekend.

Tell us about the destination

Brunswick Heads is quite simply heaven. It’s what comes to mind when you think of a classic Australian coastal town, that hasn’t been completely taken over by tourists. There are high quality restaurants and bars, but it’s also home to the famous Brunswick Heads Hotel… where you may even win a meat tray for dinner.

Who did you meet there?

Brunswick Heads is a friendly community and no one is ever too busy for a chat. We met locals while having our morning dip at Torakina Beach, while enjoying drinks at Trawlers Bar & Kitchen (below The Sails Motel), chats with the owners of The Sails Motel, while cooing over their revamp of the motel and friendly families who were swimming in the motel’s pool.

Australia, Brunswick Heads
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Surrounding Activities

La Casita

For the best margarita in town head to Mexican cantina, La Casita. Drop in for a cocktail, or stay for the tacos… if you can get a table!

La Casita

Ride out to Brunswick Heads

Hire a bike from The Sails Motel for a morning ride out to Brunswick Heads point. You can check the surf, watch the world go by or have a dip at Torakina Beach.

The Kiva Spa at Mullumbimby

If you’re looking to really relax and unwind, head to Mullumbimby for a massage, steam room session or soak in the bathhouse at The Kiva Spa. Silence is golden.

The Kiva Spa at Mullumbimby

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