by Casey Bressan

The Graham and Co.

'50s chic lodging drawing nature loving urbanites around the campfire.

Absolute Highlight

Escaping Brooklyn, and actually seeing the stars for the first time in too long - enjoyed from the campfire, with sounds of a crackling fire, babbling brook and reggae music from the bar dancing in the crisp night air.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
unpretentious yet considered, with a distinct Brooklyn hipster feel pulling from mid-century America.
The typical guest is...
a Brooklyn native actively connecting with the outdoors.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
low plastic, local food served fresh every morning, with biking and walking encouraged.
The location is...
2.5 hours from New York City, at the base of Hunter Mountain, the largest mountain in the Catskills.
Interaction is encouraged by....
offering inviting public spaces including a large lawn, picnic tables to enjoy the buffet breakfast, a pool, a badminton court, a teepee and a campfire.
You should stay here because
you will feel a million miles away from the city, with only a 2.5 hour drive.
What took you there?

My husband took me on a birthday weekend getaway, escaping New York City in the interest of connecting with the outdoors.

What was your room like?

Our room was basic, but beautiful. We had a queen bed fitted with a cozy wool throw and an animal skin rug. One folding chair and two bedside tables topped with a Tivoli radio filled the space. We did not have air conditioning (though I believe some rooms including bunk rooms do) or a fridge. The bathroom products were high quality and contained in large bottles, which is a nice way to reduce plastic waste.

What about the venue

A local beer was offered on arrival by a laid-back local, setting the mood for the weekend. The venue is in the Catskills, where nature and a pleasantly slow pace come together to form beautiful moments and vistas, much like the hotel. The gathering spaces are well appointed, without the appearance of trying too hard. The color palette includes a distinctly worn-wood brown, black and poolside blues, with little touches making the venue shine. Highlights include complimentary bikes, a beautiful breakfast buffet, proximity to the town, weekend campfires, a photo friendly teepee, badminton on the lawn, donut rings in the pool and hammocks made for afternoon lounging.

Tell us about the destination

The Graham & Co. is roughly a 2.5 hour drive from New York City, at the base of the Hunter Mountains, and we enjoyed Stormking Outdoor Art Center acting as a perfect halfway stop on the drive out. We also did a day trip to Hudson, a small creative city less than an hour away. Pheonicia itself is a hamlet town in the Catskills, which is known for outdoor activity. The surrounding area offers hiking, fishing, tubing, foliage spotting, skiing and snowshoeing depending on your season of arrival. As we made the journey during early fall, we enjoyed hiking with a views of changing leaves daily. In the evenings, we enjoyed stargazing form the campfire, with sounds of a crackling fire, babbling brook and reggae music from the bar dancing in the crisp night air. A few locally sourced restaurants are also nearby, with a town center of mom & pops co-mingled with thriving newer storefronts.  

Who did you meet there?

Friendships were forged around the campfire after dark. My husband and I brought supplies to make s’mores, noting for future reference that snacks definitely grease the wheels of conversation. We met a couple on a city getaway and folks from Portland attending a local wedding. We didn’t exchange numbers or even Instagram accounts, but we did have a great chat over ciders and s’mores.

Phoenica, United States
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Surrounding Activities

Giant Ledge

Hike at Giant Ledge in Big Indian for beautiful views and check out Kaaterskill Falls for the highest two-tiered waterfall in New York State!

Giant Ledge

Esopus Creek

Make a splash and tube the whitewater rapids of Esopus Creek

Esopus Creek

Hunter Mountain

Hit the slopes at nearby Hunter Mountain or Belleayre

Hunter Mountain

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