by Casey Bressan

The Baxley Bondi

A relaxed boutique hotel near an iconic surf sanctum.

Absolute Highlight

Bondi is a sanctum for fitness and surf lovers. An early morning run on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walking path is the perfect start to any day.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
coastal clean and minimalist with palm leaf prints, plenty of white and deep turquoise hues, and light wooden accents.
The typical guest is...
someone who knows a local and is exploring Sydney while looking for a bit of luxury on a budget.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
reusable bottles encouraged, walk to shops and activities, locally sourced products provided where possible.
The location is...
walking distance to Bondi beach and shopping in Bondi and Bondi Junction.
Interaction is encouraged by....
communal areas including a kitchen and porch.
You should stay here because
the price for location and design can’t be beat in Bondi.
What took you there?

After a few months living in Paddington, my husband and I wanted a beach weekend in iconic Bondi.

What was your room like?

The rooms are small but perfectly appointed with an unbelievably comfortable bed.

What about the venue

The staff and venue at The Baxley are both friendly and inviting. The hotel is immaculate, with a clean and minimalist coastal aesthetic, heavily accented with tropical plants. We had a queen en suite room, but the best way to save cost is by taking advantage of shared bathroom options, which are plentiful and pristine.

Tell us about the destination

Every trip to Sydney should include a trip to Bondi beach. Fitness, surf and beach lovers will love staying in the area, with plenty of options for healthy foodies as well. Both boutique and big box shopping are also close by.

Who did you meet there?

We just missed a well known band staying there while performing close by. The Baxley itself is more peaceful than social, and guests are international visitors looking for a bit of luxury for less or with family living nearby. The kitchen, where guests can make coffee or tea and prepare meals, may have a bit of buzz in the morning. The back area, to be developed in 2019, may provide events space and social space to increase guest interaction.

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Australia, Bondi Beach
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Surrounding Activities

Bondi Beach

Grab a bottle of Rose and watch the sunset from the Grassy Knoll, taking a dip at the famous Bondi Beach.

Bondi Markets

Hit the farmers markets on Saturday morning for some live music and local produce, or the fashion and craft markets on Sunday.

Bondi Markets

Bondi - Bronte Coastal Walk

Take in the stunning coastal and ocean views while getting in some exercise and sunshine.

Bondi - Bronte Coastal Walk

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