by Suzi Overell

Southwest Surf House

good surf, good food, good vibes.

Absolute Highlight

Finishing off a day of surf with a glass of French rosé, an epic meal prepared by the talented in-house chef and good times with the Southwest family.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
5 rooms - 3 doubles, 2 dorms.
The design aesthetic is...
beach shack.
The typical guest is...
a surfer / aspiring surfer.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
minimal waste and minimal use of plastics.
The location is...
super tranquil. Southwest is tucked up amongst the pine forest and is walking distance to the local break, Les Landes, and a short bike ride from cafes, bars and restaurants.
Interaction is encouraged by....
shared breakfast and dinner, which provides a great opportunity to meet the other guests. They also have a daily ‘schedule’, based around the surf, including other activities to enjoy in the downtime between the waves.
You should stay here because
you’ll get the chance to surf, enjoy great food and hang with a bunch of cool people.
What took you there?

I was travelling in Europe through the summer and had heard good things about Hossegor. When I discovered the Southwest Surf House – a place dedicated to surf, good food, and friends – I couldn’t get there quickly enough.

What was your room like?

Travelling on a budget, I opted for a dorm room, which consisted of three single beds in a room. There was definitely enough space and it was comfortable, but to be honest I only used the room for sleeping at night. Days were spent at the beach and afternoon naps were enjoyed in the hammocks in the garden.

What about the venue

The house itself was pretty simple but with all the essential surf amenities it turned a regular house into an EPIC surf house which included surfboards, wetsuits, bikes, hammocks, rollers, music, projector and chess boards. Although it is nice inside, it is a place that encourages you to get outside.

Here the surf is the priority. During my week the sun was shining and the waves were friendly, so we spent all day at the beach, playing in the salty water on the longboards and resting on the beach blankets, reading and playing chess.

The food at Southwest is a close second priority, if not on par with the surf. The other guests and I spent a lot of time around the communal outdoor table, devouring the hearty and delicious meals prepared by the in-house chef, Georgia. Georgia is super talented and creative – each morning and evening she would dish up something mouthwatering, including Asian style poke bowls, Middle Eastern salads, homemade breads and, my personal favourite, nut butters. She has a holistic and almost ceremonial approach to her cooking. I really loved tasting her creations and sharing the experience with new friends.

In between surf and meals I enjoyed afternoon hammock naps, yoga and zen time in the neighbouring park, bike rides and even a day trip to San Sebastian, for pintxos and vino tinto. 


Tell us about the destination

As the name suggests, the house is located in the south west of France – on the coast between Biarritz and Bordeaux. 

The town Soorts-Hossegor is a really quaint little tourist town. It had a similar vibe to some of the towns on the South East coast of Australia, except with a French twist – so with much better cheese!

The area is well known for its waves and is considered to have some of the best surfing in the world, so it’s not surprising that surfers and beach-lovers from around the globe gravitate here and often never leave. This not only brings an international feel, but also a lot of creative talent. From the Australians serving killer coffee and brunch, to the French sisters that spend half the year travelling the world in search of superfood recipes to serve here in the summer, to the host of designers and passionate environmentalists creating film documentaries, I found the quality and calibre of produce in this town to be really high. 

Whatever you are seeking, you will likely find it in or around Hossegor. It probably won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it.

Beyond the surf, the surrounding landscape with lush greenery and pine forests lining long sandy beaches, makes this area really liveable. 

The sunset over the Atlantic Ocean is pure fire and this vision alone is almost worth the trip. Tide depending, you may even be lucky enough to enjoy a sunset surf session. 

Who did you meet there?

I met some great people like Raff, the expat Aussie owner, chef Georgia and their crew of cool English and Aussie guides. I was lucky enough to share the week with a group of guys and girls from the UK, Sweden, Brazil and beyond. From my experience the average guest was in their 30s, there for the surf and interesting to get to know. 

Have you stayed here? Let us know your thoughts!
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Happy hour watching the sunset at the Beach Bar at Les Landes - this bar only operates during the summer months.

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