by Alegria Alano

Selina Puerto Escondido

A carefree coastal hideaway with a vibrant social scene.

Absolute Highlight

Releasing sea turtle hatchlings into the ocean.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
26 private rooms and 12 dorm rooms.
The design aesthetic is...
bright and beachy, with a mix of tropical and Scandinavian accents.
The typical guest is...
A sociable sun-seeker.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
The location is...
along the main strip of the popular Zicatela surf beach.
Interaction is encouraged by....
a dedicated social manager who arranges arranges parties, live music and events to attract guests and outsiders to the restaurant and bar.
You should stay here because
you have the fun of sun, sand and soirées with resort feels - lush gardens and ocean views.
What took you there?

We came to Puerto Escondido for surf, sun and a little bit more of a social vibe after a few weeks of very sleepy towns.

What was your room like?

Our room was no-frills: basically just a bed and table but interesting decor made it feel unique. We slept like babies in the air conditioning. Our bathroom was shared, but it was seldom used so it felt private regardless. We were a few flights of stairs from the main areas which meant that it was nice and quiet. The ocean view from the window and nearby terrace was a major bonus.

What about the venue

Selina Puerto Escondido is technically classified as a hostel/hotel, but it felt more like an arty resort with a youthful, festive vibe. It was big, but sections are separated by tropical gardens which made wandering around lots of fun. We found two small swimming pools (and had the one on the upper level to ourselves); ate a satisfying morning-after breakfast after a fun Saturday night at the bar; and watched the sunset over the ocean on the yoga platform. We were intrigued by the glamping huts, but decided not to stay in them because they lacked air conditioning. No, you don’t need it, but you will want it. Trust me, I tried and failed to sleep on this coast without it.

Tell us about the destination

Zicatela is also known as ‘Mexican Pipeline’. When conditions are right, waves of up to 10 feet tall break on shore. Beach bums beware, Zicatela can be a treacherous place for swimmers. As novices, we surfed the point break just south at La Punta. We also tried the break at Carizalillo up north which is perfect for beginners. It’s also the best beach for a proper swim. Both are easily reached by a short taxi ride. When we weren’t on a board, we were lazing under a beach umbrella with a fresh coconut or indulging in the best fish tacos we’ve ever eaten.

Who did you meet there?

A young, laid-back crowd looking for a stretch of coast that isn’t as touristy as Cancun. And unlike the popular Caribbean coast, locals aren’t pushed out of the beaches. It was a pleasure to share swims, meals and sunsets on the beach with travellers and locals alike.  

Mexico, Puerto Escondido
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Surrounding Activities

Playa Bacocho

Releasing sea turtle hatchlings at sunset on Playa Bacocho.


The best fish tacos ever are at Amoki or ask a local for the off-map ‘Cinco Hermanos’ and ‘Pepi’s’!

Carizalillo Beach

Hiring a board or taking a surf lesson at the beautiful Carizalillo Beach.

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