by Alegria Alano

Selina Mexico City

Digital nomad hotspot with retro vibes and slick cowork facilities.

Absolute Highlight

Going on a taco safari of nearby street eats and unique Mexican restaurants.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
31 private rooms with ensuite, 36 private rooms with shared bathrooms and 44 apartments.
The design aesthetic is...
moody and retro including things salvaged from the old Virreyes Hotel that the Selina Group reworked.
The typical guest is...
a digital nomad, entrepreneur or start-up employee on business.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
upcycling, street clean-ups and a community outreach program for employees, their families and local business owners to learn English.
The location is...
in the historic centre of Mexico City: perfect for a first-time visitor.
Interaction is encouraged by....
a weekly calendar of social events at the hotel bar; wellness activities like yoga and meditation; and city tours.
You should stay here because
retro vibes are on point and at home in the historic centre. Plus, the cowork and guest facilities are great.
What took you there?

Mexico City was an essential stop for flying in and out of the country, but we also wanted to spend a substantial amount of time there to revisit places we’d seen several years ago on one of our first overseas trips.

What was your room like?

Our room was the most basic of the private options but offered the necessities: comfy bed and clean sheets. The bathroom, though shared was one of many, so it felt like we weren’t sharing at all. The only thing I felt our room lacked was a window or air conditioning. We left the door open in the afternoon for some air which gave us a fantastic view of the old church and bustling city from the balcony just across the hallway.

What about the venue

As a digital nomad, I loved working in such a beautifully designed space. The light fixture in reception was made out of the old hotel keyrings; tables in the cowork space were made out of reclaimed doors; and furniture throughout was all Insta-worthy vintage. The cowork aspect felt like it dominated during our stay. Staff tied to the cowork space seemed to be a little more forthcoming with information than guest reception: we had to ask quite a few questions to get general information. The restaurant and bar were also used to host a ‘Peace Talk’ about art and communities on one of the nights. We would have joined if we had a better grasp of Spanish!

Tell us about the destination

We spent a few days taking in the architecture of the historic centre. Nearby, at the north-western corner of the Zocalo you can book must-see tours. Our favourites were the Teotihuacan pyramids for history, and Lucha Libre for a night of random fun! Sundays are best spent watching families enjoy Chapultepec Park. The impressive Museo Nacional de Antropología is nearby and also worth a visit. We shopped at La Ciudadela for artisian goods, and at boutiques in La Condesa. For fuel, we ate at street vendors and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You must indulge: the city brings together all the best regional specialties!

Who did you meet there?

The crowd was a mixed bag, but we expected that in the Capital. It seemed like the majority of guests were there on business, or tucked away in their computers. At night the bar was filled with groups of locals who livened up the scene. The communal kitchen was more frequented by travellers and was a good place for a chat at any time.

Mexico, Mexico City
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Surrounding Activities

Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México

Seeing the gorgeous heritage architecture of the UNESCO historic centre.


Watch the massive Mexican flag fly over the Zocalo.

Templo de Tláloc

Learn about the pre-hispanic origins of Mexico City at the Templo de Tláloc ruin.

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