by Tom Butts

Salty Breeze

The gorgeous, reserved ‘sister’ hotel, to an unbelievably outgoing surf retreat.

Absolute Highlight

Hands down, the interaction between guests with the adjoining surf retreat.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
9 unique bungalows
The design aesthetic is...
earthy, pleasantly stark, simply appointed.
The typical guest is...
hard to say because we really only interacted with the guests at Rapture who are all travellers learning to surf.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
baking their own bread daily, and God is it tasty!
The location is...
quiet and isolated, approx 20 minutes by scooter to Uluwatu.
Interaction is encouraged by....
sheer proximity to Rapture and the ability to use their facilities.
You should stay here because
you’ll never stay anywhere else as warm and welcoming.
What took you there?

Ultimately, a much earned weekend getaway from bustling Canggu, and a strong recommendation from an expat local friend.

My girlfriend and I had effectively been living in Bali for a grand total of four weeks. We’d spent the entire time in Canggu (my favourite part of Bali) getting settled in, working hard from a co-working space in Echo Beach and frantically looking for long term accommodation. It was time for a little adventure, plus we wanted to check out the world-famous Uluwatu and the many other white sand, clear water beaches and surf breaks down that way.

What was your room like?

The room we stayed in was simply appointed, with an earthy style and a ‘surfer’ twist. King size bed (joined singles), polished concrete floor, raw timber benches in the bathroom and a mosaic wall tiled outdoor shower.

We had a sticky beak at the other bungalows and all seemed much the same, despite all being unique from the outside.

What about the venue

It wouldn’t do it justice to describe Salty Breeze without speaking of Rapture in the same breath.

On arrival we were told that we were more than welcome to ‘step across’ (and it’s literally that… stepping through a stone wall with a tiny wooden door frame) to the neighbouring Rapture surf camp, to use their swimming pool, communal dining area and other amenities.

Salty Breeze itself is nothing more than an eclectic group of bungalows, strung together by a timber walkway. Rapture combines a rather modern 20 metre infinity lap pool and modern common lounge area, with two large traditional Indonesian ‘joglos’ (huts); one being the communal dining area and bar, the other a hangout area complete with surprisingly non-kitsch bean bags, ping pong and pool table.

An impressive mix of traditional and modern.

Tell us about the destination

The southernmost point of Bali’s ‘Bukit’ peninsula, the nearest beach is Green Bowl. The area where the hotel is located is set back from the ocean and very quiet, which makes it quite relaxing.

For a little more action,  it’s quick and easy to get to the busier beaches like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin etc.

Who did you meet there?

Where to start?!

I’ve literally never stayed somewhere so friendly. Not sure if it’s the free yoga, twice daily group surf lessons, communal dining, super comfy common spaces, guests being free to set the playlist (e.g. Bob Dylan playing over breakfast)…but whatever it is, this place brings people together.

It’s basically like a luxury hostel for big kids.

And who did we meet…

Vlad and Kate from Belarus – Vlad stared me down commandingly before offering a handshake, his name and a self-deprecating recollection of his morning surf lesson.

Sebastian and Kathy from Germany – After finishing breakfast, Sebastian walked straight into the kitchen with all of our empty plates. I wasn’t sure whether he is just a nice guy, or was quietly hoping to be offered a job and free board. Probably the latter.

Bali, Indonesia
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Surrounding Activities

Drifter Surf Shop Café & Gallery

Super cool surf shop, flowing through to a surprisingly relaxing little cafe.

Drifter Surf

Thomas Beach

Quite possible the Bukit’s best kept secret, hidden between big name beaches/surf breaks Padang Padang and Uluwatu.

Enjoy the views and fresh food at Mana Uluwatu

Accommodation a little too pricey to be listed here, but the restaurant and bar…phenomenal view, styling and chilled vibe.

Mana Uluwatu Restaurant & Bar