by Hannah Lewis

Ovolo Nishi

A design-led masterpiece that is making Canberra cool.

Absolute Highlight

Sipping on local red wine while watching the flames in the floating fireplace flicker.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
the hotel as a strong focus on materials, lighting and texture. Exposed concrete teamed with modern light fitting and well-worn vintage pieces. My dream home realised!
The typical guest is...
a real mixed bag, business travellers, tourists and plenty of design enthusiasts.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
plenty! Including using recycled materials, automatic energy saving features, reusing rainwater in the gardens, reduced plastic use and complimentary bikes for guests to use.
The location is...
central and close by to some great eating options.
Interaction is encouraged by....
the communal spaces like the lobby, gym and restaurant and bar.
You should stay here because
Canberra has so much more to offer than politics.
What took you there?

The guilt of having never been to my nation’s capital, Canberra, started to weigh on me. So I decided it was about time I go.

What was your room like?

In one word, palatial! The bathroom was almost as big as my apartment. After a long drive from Sydney, I could not get into the huge free-standing tub quick enough (I might have also used more than my fair share of the Aseop products). The room itself also had a kingsize bed, sitting area with retro blue velvet armchairs, chaise lounge and rustic timber desk. It is like an issue of Vogue Living coming to life before your very eyes.

What about the venue

I love how dark and moody the hotel is. The lobby is so inviting and the perfect mix between cosy and grand. The weather was cold outside, so we nestled into the leather armchairs by the floating fireplace and sipped wine while perusing books and magazines from their library nook. You can see that it was design-led project. There are no hideous carpets and harsh lights, instead, the rooms are filled with art and every detail has been considered. I’m pretty sure the stunning timber detailed entrance has featured in every reputable design magazine in the world. And yes, it is very Insta-worthy.

Tell us about the destination

When you say Canberra, the word “cool” is never used in the same sentence. But this little city is slowly, but surely, coming into its own. My evening spent working my way through Bar Rochford’s wine list and morning feasting on a delicious breakfast from Mocan & Green Grout was proof of this. The National Gallery also has an impressive collection that shouldn’t be missed… and I was so pumped to finally see that controversial Jason Pollock painting for myself!

Who did you meet there?

Some fashionable looking locals enjoying a delicious dinner at Ovolo Nishi’s restaurant, Monster Bar & Kitchen, before making their way to the theatre.

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Surrounding Activities

Breakfast at Mocan & Green Grout

Their Baked Eggs and a flat white is perfect to warm up on those crisp Canberra mornings!

Mocan & Green Grout

Visit the National Gallery of Australia

For the Warhol’s, Hackney’s and Pollock’s of course…

National Gallery of Australia

Wine tasting and a long lunch at Pialligo Estate.

Sit out on the pavilion with a bottle of uplifting Riesling and take in in the natural beauty of the region.

Pialligo Estate

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