by Stefanie Acworth

Moss Hotel Tasmania

A richly moody design hotel hidden on the harbour.

Absolute Highlight

The meticulously procured minibar stocked with prime Tasmanian produce like Bruny Island Cheeses, locally cured meats and Nutpatch handmade Hobart Chocolates.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
A muted tapestry of earthy-tones, original stonework and timber. The vibe is cosy yet cutting-edge, with nods to the building’s historic 1800’s roots as old artisan warehouses.
The typical guest is...
a mix of young couples; solo travelers; creative types.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
from the mini-bar to the Tasmanian sandstone side-tables, almost all internal features are locally made, sourced and/or designed.
The location is...
the docks of the Derwent River - right in the heart of Salamanca Place. Perfectly positioned amidst the cultural and foodie hub of downtown Hobart.
Interaction is encouraged by....
grabbing a Moo Brew beer from the Pub on the ground floor and asking for directions to some “secret spots” hidden down the many old alleyways in the area.
You should stay here because
it’s a great base to explore the city sans car!
What took you there?

I wanted to stay in Salamanca Place due to its proximity to just about everything I love in Hobart! The Saturday Salamanca Markets, the yummy seafood restaurants on the pier like ALOFT, Lark Gin distillery and the Mona Ferry are all just a few steps away. I’d heard about a cool new boutique hotel on the block created by a local Hobart family and wanted to check it out.

What was your room like?

There are four types of room offerings at Moss, and because I’m a fusspot who gravitates toward as much light and openness as humanly possible, I opted for the top floor room with a balcony/outdoor courtyard. Half the time it was a tad too cold to hang out there, but it served its purpose, nonetheless. With the curtains open, the room was flooded with natural light and we could see snippets of the harbour across the road. It was fun to witness the hustle and bustle of the street below – particularly in the early mornings during restaurant and pub delivery hour. The room was kitted-out with artful (and helpful) bits and bobs like a hand-drawn map of the area, a coffee pod machine for early morning wake-up calls, a beautifully loomed St Albans throw to keep you warm and cosy and commissioned poster prints by renowned Australian photographer Derek Henderson. Grown Alchemist skincare bottles dotted the emerald green bathroom like little morsels of fresh organic goodness. Oh, and the bed was a gooden’. 

What about the venue

The two buildings encompassing Moss Hotel look over the cultural mecca that is Salamanca Place – a perfect locale to base yourself while in the city. Housed above local bars and cafés, the buildings’ internals are heavily inspired by Tasmania’s deeply moody scenery and rich landscapes. Vertical gardens bring life to the space, quirky Tasmanian artifacts bring history and the use of Georgian sandstone accents bring a sense of belonging. The buildings are, after all, converted 1800’s warehouses which were once home to traders, whalers, publicans, gentleman and convicts.

Tell us about the destination

Hobart is the perfect place to eat, drink and be merry for a few days before donning your hiking boots, grabbing the swag and embarking on a great Tasmanian adventure through unique wilderness and rugged landscapes.

Who did you meet there?

The hotel itself is pretty quiet but the pub downstairs offers up some interesting characters in the form of old sailors and street artists with a story or two to tell. 

Australia, Hobart
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Surrounding Activities

Incite a cheese coma

Who doesn’t love some Bruny Island Brie?! Well ladies and gents, the tiny island just off the coast of Hobart is where the good stuff is made, and you can visit their HQ and chow into some cheese and beer.

Bruny Island

Up your modern art-game

Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art single-handedly put Tassie on the global art scene for good reason. Make a day of it and eat at Faro Restaurant situated on the architecturally-designed grounds.


Soar above the coastline in a Seaplane

No better way to witness the clear emerald waters than an hour-long scenic flight above the bay.

Above and Beyond Tasmania

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