by Casey Bressan

The Hoxton, Williamsburg

From cowork to cocktail in a lively, design-focused space.

Absolute Highlight

Walking in from the quiet street to disco Sunday in the Hoxton lobby.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
Brooklyn clubhouse chic
The typical guest is...
creative cool meets business savvy
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
Brooklyn sourced products where possible
The location is...
young and hip Brooklyn
Interaction is encouraged by....
the lobby is made for lingering and mingling
You should stay here because
you’ll get a taste of actually living in Brooklyn
What took you there?

I wanted to stay in my old neighborhood and revisit some of my favorite Williamsburg haunts (see surrounding activities!). The hotel is actually on my old street, which coupled welcoming interiors, made me feel very at home here.

What was your room like?

The room was efficient! It was definitely compact but storage under the bed, a small desk in the corner and floor to ceiling windows made the space feel open. I loved my view of the Manhattan skyline. I stayed in one night to watch the Oscars, and found my eyes on the view and the street below as much as the screen.

What about the venue

The Hoxton is the best version of cowork to cocktails. The lobby is alive with tourists and locals taking meetings, typing and enjoying coffee and conversation.  By day it feels like a relaxed and picture perfect cowork clubhouse while at night the music turns and cocktails take the place of latte mugs. We actually arrived in the middle of ‘Disco Sunday’ while the lobby was alive with 30-40 somethings dancing in the lobby to disco tunes after a champagne brunch. Mid-week was quieter, when we’d find ourselves stretching the hours in the homey lobby with strong wifi and in house coffee shop brews.

Tell us about the destination

Williamsburg is the epicenter of New York cool. Creatives and business minds mix, top tier restaurants speckle the streets next to cheap and cheerful eats, boutiques lure you in with effortless cool styles, music venues have lineups that rival the best in intimate spaces and people are actually happy to chat. If you are here on a Saturday make sure to walk to nearby Smorgusberg where you can taste the best of Brooklyn while looking out onto Hudson River views. Make sure you walk the Williamsburg Bridge while you are in town, far superior to the busy Brooklyn Bridge in my highly biased opinion.

Who did you meet there?

From a famous hip hop artist to the yet unknown entrepreneur, I met some interesting people with eyes on the top. You never know who you’ll run into at the Hoxton Williamsburg.

Have you stayed here? Let us know your thoughts!
New York City, United States
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