by Adela Kahir

Hotel Grand Amour, Paris

The “so Paris” vibe at the beautiful glass-topped courtyard restaurant.

Absolute Highlight

The “so Paris” vibe at the beautiful glass-topped courtyard restaurant.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
artsy, quirky, sexy, colourful & retro-ish. Everything is love-themed. Borderline kitsch but tasteful and fun. A handful of the rooms are designed by artists and Chantal Thomass (a French lingerie designer!).
The typical guest is...
young, cool and fashionable with a dash of hipster. A lot of English speaking guests, especially during fashion week.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
a very green patio and courtyard but that’s about it.
The location is...
excellent - in Paris’ 9th district between Pigalle and Montmartre.
Interaction is encouraged by....
hanging out at the vibrant bar and restaurant always packed with both hotel guests and local Parisians. AND by the thin walls where you’ll most likely be overhearing your neighbours’ “amour making” ;).
You should stay here because
of the unique love-themed rooms, the cool and sexy atmosphere, the vibe at the restaurant and bar (more than the food), the great location, and because it’s become a true Paris staple. And for the history (it was a brothel back in the day)!
What took you there?

I won a bet against the best loser ever on a very special evening (morning?) in a very special place. This hotel came up during our conversation and became my bet-win reward. It was actually a staycation for me as my family lives on the outskirts of Paris and I usually never stay at hotels there (except once before).

What was your room like?

Unlike any hotel room, I’ve stayed in before. Although all rooms are “made for love”, every one of them has a different design, colour theme, and level of sultriness and provocation. Mine was the “green room”: a tiny but super cute, all-green room overlooking the patio, with love graffiti on the walls and retro/vintage-style furniture. An equally tiny bathtub and sink are in the bedroom, so not for the prudish (tiny toilet has closing doors though). No TV, no phones, no breakfast included, very limited essentials (including limited towels) and very thin walls! Next time, I’d love to check out the room with the disco ball or the mirrored ceiling (with some company though 😉 ).

What about the venue

A quaint, quintessential Parisian venue attracting a lot of the art and fashion world. Rooms are located upstairs in a narrow, black-painted sexy corridor (old brother vibes). The hotel’s restaurant is has been a popular destination (especially for brunch) for a decade among Parisians. The best part about the hotel is the exotic patio garden (for the space and the vibe, not the food) and the unique, quirky rooms and subtle erotic details (some not so subtle actually)! Amenities and facilities are very limited though, some wear and tear here and there, and the staff could be more welcoming and friendly (but hey, it’s Paris!).

Tell us about the destination

Great, convenient location in Paris’ 9th district, between Pigalle and Montmartre. A block away from the Saint-Georges subway stop. Walking distance to Montmartre and Moulin Rouge (for tourist staples). Hotel Amour is also close to a huge variety of cool restaurants and bars. Affordable hotel for the location.

Who did you meet there?

No one outside of the hotel staff, but had a lot of friends meet me there.

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