by Stefanie Acworth

Hotel Alexandra

A quirky urban hotel with one of the largest Danish retro furniture collections in Europe

Absolute Highlight

Being surrounded by thousands of quirky knick-knacks, antiques and retro Danish furniture from the design greats such as Arne Jacobsen, Ole Wanscher and Kaare Klint.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
eclectic and buzzworthy Scandinavian design.
The typical guest is...
the sophisticated traveller who knows a thing or two about art.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
most furniture and wares are retro, vintage or recycled.
The location is...
right in the beating, bicycling heart of Copenhagen. Near Tivoli Gardens and Town Hall.
Interaction is encouraged by....
conversations over the wall-art; the on-site yet independent restaurant where guests are encouraged to gather for breakfast or dinner.
You should stay here because
It’s basically like staying in a museum, but without the blank walls and echoing halls. The vintage atmosphere makes for a refreshing change from all that sleek Nordic minimalism found elsewhere in the city.
What took you there?

I have Scandinavian roots and was on a whirlwind tour of Sweden and Denmark during the warmer, Euro summer months with a friend.  

What was your room like?

Rooms range from tiny single rooms with courtyard views to individually styled suites. Twin and double rooms cater to the mid-range traveller and have views of the busy Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard and/or the courtyard. We stayed in the ‘Collectors Suite’, which was larger than the average room in the area and effortlessly cosy and inviting – featuring modern art, coffee-table design books, retro Danish décor and fittings, flat-screen TV, Bluetooth speaker, kettles, fans and free WiFi. It was also sound-proofed, which was great to block out any inner-city noise.  Each room differs in design, with some rooms including traditionally restored Danish furniture, and others, in particular the ‘Vernon Panton’ room (famously frequented by Christian Louboutin) is more avant-guard in its approach, with colourful walls and rich, darker features. 

What about the venue

The enchanting Hotel Alexandra seems to have the right balance of style while still being a warm and inviting place to call home for a few days. Danish design from the fifties and sixties dots the hotel’s communal areas, with every element curated to perfection – right down to the staff’s uniforms and the music in the lobby.

Tell us about the destination

Located right in the heart of Copenhagen’s CBD, directly on Anderson’s Boulevard, with Tivoli Gardens a one-minute walk and Town Hall 200m away. The staff are super helpful when it comes to getting your bearings, and there’s an hotel iPhone app that you can download which highlights some of the employees’ picks for eating, drinking and seeing your way around the city. Getting an instant insider’s perspective definitely comes in handy.

Who did you meet there?

Being a creative and amateur design buff, I had a really interesting conversation about art and retro furniture with the very friendly Jeppe Mühlhausen, General Manager and collector extraordinaire for Hotel Alexandra. He’s generally around the traps and will always come say hi, so relish any opportunity you have to pick his brain about the collection. 

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Surrounding Activities

On Your Bike!

Copenhagen is extremely flat which makes it easy for more than half the city to commute in special bike lanes.

Visit Christiana – the anarchist/hippy inner-city commune

If alternative is what you’re looking for then the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood, Christiana, is where you should head. It’s a curious little nook of about 850 weed-swindling hippies with street art and wares. Keep your camera at home as no photos are allowed!

Get Insta-happy in Nyhavn

Nyhavn is easily the best canal and harbour in Copenhagen, with brightly coloured 18th century Dutch townhouses lining the streets, numerous bars, cafes and restaurants – this is the Copenhagen of postcards.

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