by Casey Bressan

Freehand Hotel, NYC

From co-work to cocktails, this hotel has it all.

Absolute Highlight

Inviting friends to the mezzanine level, watching it transform from a beehive of business activity to a local watering hole within an hour of 5PM on a Friday.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
a vibrant blend of old meets new with meticulously restored deco interiors combined with modern art from students from Bard College.
The typical guest is...
young workers looking for a bit of fun.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
local, custom furniture and artworks.
The location is...
convenient to the subway and anywhere in Manhattan.
Interaction is encouraged by....
ample public space! Two restaurants, a cocktail bar, a rooftop bar, and encouraging co-working areas fill the hotel with life.
You should stay here because
it’s central, inspiring, hospitable and spacious.
What took you there?

I came to New York for a baby shower and a friend’s birthday, which was within walking distance in West Village.

What was your room like?

Rooms range from bunks to sprawling Penthouse suites, with our room somewhere in between the extremes. It felt Scandinavian in style with a minimalist yet artistic feel and a palette of light wood, white and soft turquoise. Features that stood out to me right away included the wood paneling,  a Tivoli radio, a good sized desk, a friendly welcome message, a view of New York City streets, and a freehand drawing on the wall, which I learned is a feature in every room by a different artist from Bard College – impressive!

What about the venue

Freehand New York is a vibrant blend of old meets new with meticulously restored deco interiors in American craftsman style combined with modern art by students from Bard College. Ample public space allowed us to enjoy the venue from co-work to cocktails with two restaurants, two bars, a cafe and a retail shop attracting both locals and tourists. There’s a distinct cool factor at Freehand, with a sense of New York irreverence reverberating throughout. We even invited friends who live nearby to the Mezzanine level for happy hour drinks ahead of a night out to show off the alluring interiors.

Tell us about the destination

New York, New York is a playground for artists, athletes, culture creatures, late nighters, and early risers. Flatiron, dubbed Silicon Alley for the tech startups in the area, has a distinct energy of newness and also acts as a wonderful launching pad to New York with uptown and downtown both easily accessible.

Who did you meet there?

During the day, I met a group in town to raise VC capital in New York City for their tech startup – staying at Freehand for its location, price and communal nature. At night I met a few tipsy coworkers who couldn’t seem to find their way to the roof bar, Broken Shaker. I directed them to the top button in the elevator because… roof bars are generally toward the top. I hope they made it!

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New York City, United States
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Surrounding Activities

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Head to Union Square markets for fresh produce, trinkets and people watching (.6 miles) and keep going to West Village, where the cutest cobblestone streets, shops and restaurants await.

Union Square Market

Take yourself on a walking tour

The Empire State Building is a 1 mile walk. Walk another mile to Central Park and continue on to museum mile uptown if your legs can handle it! Otherwise, the subway and taxis are easy solutions.

Ride the Highline.

Grab a Citi Bike and head to The Highline, an elevated garden walk with city views on the West side.

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