by Lynne Tyson

Drop Inn Lombok

A laid-back surf lodge with a focus on the surf

Absolute Highlight

I had the best surf experience and surfed my longest waves ever

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
6 Bungalows and 2 Dorms with 3 beds each
The design aesthetic is...
western standard meets local architecture
The typical guest is...
25+, couples and laid-back surfers that focus on surf and skill improvement
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
a tropical garden, plastic free lodge and recycling
The location is...
Kuta Lombok
Interaction is encouraged by....
positive vibes, openness, shared surf lessons and a social breakfast and dinners & small trips to go exploring together, sunsets, beachtime, happy hours
You should stay here because
the lodge has the perfect mix of some serious surf, chilled vibes that also allow you some alone time if want/need it and activities to socialise with the other lodge members.
What took you there?

Drop Inn Lombok got suggested to me by some friends that have been to Lombok before. As I usually get stuck in Bali, I finally decided to travel more around Indonesia and gave Lombok a chance and am absolutely grateful that I got given the suggestion to stay there. The Drop Inn Lombok made my first Lombok experience so special and amazing. I can’t wait to go back soon and will definitely stay in the surf lodge again.

What was your room like?

I stayed in one of the Bungalows and totally enjoyed it. The room was designed in a local natural and wooden style with a beautiful aling aling roof. The little decorative details made me feel really comfortable. The bright, natural light bathroom with an outdoor shower was probably one of the highlights. What’s better than having a shower under some palm trees and blue sky?

What about the venue

The lodge has a big common area where not only guests have breakfast and dinner but also where people come together to hang out,play card games, enjoy movie nights and also theoretical surf lessons and video analysis take place. The lodge is very green and natural and to get to your bungalow you have to walk through this amazing colourful garden. The bungalows are located quiet space  at the back of the lodge. he main house and common area has a pool with some comfy daybeds perfect for resting in after your surf session. All in all, the lodge is designed and decorated with attention to details and staying true to a western standard and the local culture.

Tell us about the destination

The lodge is placed all quiet and peaceful next to a local village a bit aside of Kuta, the capital of Lombok. It’s located a 5 minutes bike ride away from several beaches and surf spots like Tan Jun Aan or Gerupuk and also just a quick drive to the centre of Kuta. All in all the perfect location, in the middle of nature and a quick trip away from the beach and city.

Who did you meet there?

I met many people actually as everybody was super open. There were a few couples I enjoyed the company with and during my stay I socialised a lot with a group of friends travelling together that were my age. We all hung out a lot, went exploring, surfed and enjoyed some sunset drinks. We’re planning a reunion by visiting the lodge again next summer as we had the greatest time.

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