by Kristian Steffensen

CitizenM, London

Efficient, vibey and compact and located in Central Shoreditch.

Absolute Highlight

Getting productive with a cocktail in hand in a buzzing co-working space adjoining the flashy bar area.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
splashes of color, eclectic and slightly we-worky.
The typical guest is...
a mixed bag including travelling workers, globetrotters.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
Generally Citizen M ensures their hotels achieve high level energy efficiency accreditations.
The location is...
smack bang in the middle of Shoreditch.
Interaction is encouraged by....
super friendly staff, upbeat vibes, loads of great common areas that facilitate interaction.
You should stay here because
the location, the all night bar and the affordable value in what is otherwise an expensive city.
What took you there?

First port of call on an extended European summer jaunt.

What was your room like?

Compact, efficient with funky, cheerful style – it does the job and what’s the point of all that extra space anyways? The rooms are all completely modular, built offsite and craned into place.  I really dug the luscious comfy queen bed and funky shower and the fact I could connect my phone straight up to sound/TV through the “moodpad” ipad that controls everything in the room, from the TV and lighting to the temperature and blackout blinds. Is this the modular technological future we’ve been waiting for?.. not sure, but it works.

What about the venue

CitizenM Shoreditch is the third London location for Dutch brand that is making some headway into the affordable boutique space and generally doing a pretty good job. It’s a very thoughtful accommodation with a playful vibe – they understand what travellers want and if they can’t provide it onsite they’ll partner up with a local service provider.

There’s some great common areas with plenty of couches, tables and benches, perfect for getting productive on a laptop or some small team meetings. The decor here – as in every other CitizenM – is sourced from furniture designer Vitra. The bar serves decent cocktails till 2:30pm and there’s a selection of decent bites available.

Tell us about the destination

Central… well central for Shoreditch and East London. London is very spread out, so unless you’re sticking to your neighbourhood, you’ll be spending a lot of time transporting around. Hello, rideshare!

While Shoreditch may have had its day, now being somewhat overrun and a little tacky… but it’s a decent base.. plenty of great coffee shops, cocktail bars, some great open air markets and not too far from the progressing edge of cool which is somewhere in Hackney, apparently. So jump on a bike from the London bikeshare program and head east for some great exploring.

The hotel itself is tucked away down a side street, Shoreditch High Street Overground station is a couple of minutes’ walk away. Old Street and Liverpool Street stations are both a 10-minute walk; from there, central London is no more than 10-15 minutes in taxi.

Who did you meet there?

Small rooms, means everyone’s hanging out in the common spaces. Sitting up at the bar waiting for some friends to arrive, I met a recent graduate from US who was staying there for a few days following a work trip for her new gig at Amex. Of course, we shared some tips on what to see and do in the area… as you’d expect with a hotel with a real solo traveller kinda vibe.

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London, UK
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Surrounding Activities

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Rent a bike and cruise along Regents Canal, maybe stopping for a picnic off at London Fields and Victoria Park along the way.

Regent's Canal

Broadway Market

Get mixed up in a kaleidoscope of tastes and cultures and some traditional London-style hawking and vendor banter at the Broadway Market, a home to traders since 1890’s.

Broadway Market

Hackney City Farm

Have a wander through Hackney City Farm, a genuine urban farm in the middle of London.

Hackney City Farm

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