by Hannah Lewis

Casa Mae

A beautifully designed seaside oasis.

Absolute Highlight

Listening to live music downstairs while enjoying a meal from their farm.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
coastal and casual.
The typical guest is...
design savvy, creative.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
the onsite mini farm - the best example of how Casa Mae lowers their carbon footprint.
The location is...
perfect. Close walk to the middle of the action, but far enough away that you can enjoy a good night sleep.
Interaction is encouraged by....
the many events and workshops they hold, as well as the stunning shared spaces.
You should stay here because
Great food, great wine, great service, great rooms and great company. What more could you want?
What took you there?

Instead of sitting around at home during my maternity leave, I decided to pack up the pram and head on an around the world adventure with my baby, Winnie, in tow. The Algarve has always been on my bucket list and Casa Mae looked like the perfect place to stay with a baby given they have events on site, a pool and a great restaurant. So much to do without having to leave the four walls of the venue.

What was your room like?

In one word – beautiful! It is the epitome of Portuguese design and aesthetic – clean lines, relaxed whitewashed walls and beautiful terracotta tiles. Traveling with a baby isn’t particularly relaxing, but the hammock on the balcony and the huge two-person tub made it easy to get some moments of zen.

What about the venue

The team at Casa Mae position the venue as “more than a hotel”, and I couldn’t agree more. The hotel itself is broken into two parts. Firstly, there is the beautifully restored home that also houses the spa (the message gets the thumbs up from me), and the other part if the newer main house. Here you can find the check-in desk, Loja store selling goodies made my Portuguese designers and their beautiful restaurant, Orta. Between the two houses sit a huge outdoor sitting area where live music plays and the BBQ cooks. But perhaps the most special feature is the mini farm where the chefs harvest so many of the ingredients for their dishes. They also create plenty of opportunities to meet other guests by creating so many communal spaces that you want to hang out in and heaps of events including workshops, live music and yoga.

Tell us about the destination

Lagos is no longer the laid-back little fishing and surf village it used to be now that it is a popular tourist destination. But, it still has plenty of charm and of course natural beauty. Amongst the touristy places there are some authentic restaurants where you can get an authentic Portuguese meal including Escondidinho, Casa de Prego and Campimar.

Who did you meet there?

Two interior designers visiting from Copenhagen.

Have you stayed here? Let us know your thoughts!
Lagos, Portugal
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