by Laura May

Calle 11

A renovated mansion comparable to paradise.

Absolute Highlight

Calle 11 Hostel has a beautiful pool to keep you cool, and an extremely instagrammable facade.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
5 private rooms and 3 dormitories.
The design aesthetic is...
Tropical chic, with a hint of Greek architecture.
The typical guest is...
Backpackers looking for a holiday from backpacking.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
Recycling system, local produce and local cuisine.
The location is...
El Rodadero, Santa Marta - minutes walk from Playa Rodadero.
Interaction is encouraged by....
Multiple common areas; evening activities, such as bottomless Sangria, trivia and movie nights. Calle 11 also employs all local staff, who you can practice your Espanol with!
You should stay here because
This could be the most beautiful hostel you will see in Colombia. The staff and volunteers become your family and they know you by name, which makes for a humbling vibe.
What took you there?

A friend of mine recommended we stay at Calle 11, and when I saw the photos I knew it had to be on my ‘must-stay’ list in Colombia. Calle 11 is a great home base whilst exploring other destinations around the Northern area of Colombia. We loved Calle 11 so much that we even ended up volunteering, we didn’t want to leave!

What was your room like?

We stayed in the ‘Penthouse’, which is a 10 bed mixed dorm room. Situated on the top level of the mansion, the Penthouse has the best view over Santa Marta, with perfectly positioned hammocks and an outdoor seating area. I saw some of the best sunsets from the Penthouse. This dorm room was spotless, had the most comfortable beds, privacy curtains and personal lockers.

What about the venue

Calle 11 is rumoured to be a former drug cartel mansion, and it is easy to believe that it was! This place is HUGE. Along with the rooms, there is a massage area, communal dining area, a pool bar (with the best passion fruit mojitos), and a fully stocked guest kitchen. Calle 11 does not feel like a hostel, it’s more like staying at your rich uncle’s holiday house and you can feel comfortable staying here as a solo traveller with plenty of other friendly solo or group travellers to chat with.

Tell us about the destination

Calle 11 is hidden amongst the Santa Marta suburb of El Rodadero, minutes walk from the beach, supermarkets, and a shopping mall. Santa Marta is the perfect city to stop and recharge for a few days before making your way to Tayrona National Park, Minca or Cartagena.

Who did you meet there?

We met, and got to know all the staff at Calle 11. They are all so friendly and really take the time to get to know you, which makes this hostel feel like a home away from home. We also met a lot of fellow travellers that we are still in touch with today.

Have you stayed here? Let us know your thoughts!
Colombia, Santa Marta, South America
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