by Hannah Lewis

Alex Hotel

A cosy hotel that feels more like home.

Absolute Highlight

Watching the sun set over Perth from the roof terrace.

In a nutshell

No. of rooms
The design aesthetic is...
hipster - plenty of retro furniture with a modern twist.
The typical guest is...
a global traveller seeking outdoor adventures.
The sustainability features (ie. plastic free, recycling, green wall, garden) are...
a fantastic environmental program where their raise money to donate to an Icelandic conversation fund.
Interaction is encouraged by....
Kexland, a side business that organises tours and activities for all their guests. The lobby and pub are also a great place to meet both fellow guests and young locals.
You should stay here because
The bar pumps, the bed in comfy and those views are unforgettable!
What took you there?

My partner in crime was going to Perth for business so I tagged along.

What was your room like?

We booked a ‘Small Room’,  but there is also a medium, large, extra large and a bunk room for 4 available. Yes, the room was, in fact, small, but everything at Alex Hotel is intelligently designed to maximise space. For example there isn’t a wardrobe or cupboard, instead, there are hooks on the wall with coat hangers. The interior design is pared back and minimalist which also helps maximise the space. You also won’t find a desk here, but there is plenty of space to do some work or enjoy a meal in their communal spaces.

What about the venue

This boutique hotel in Perth is incredibly unassuming from the outside which is part of its charm. The rooms are undoubtedly small, which is why there is an emphasis on communal space here. On the ground floor, you will find the lobby, which acts more like a living room. The friendly staff there will check in you, give you suggestions of where to go and what to do, and make you a damn fine coffee from their espresso bar. The coffee is so good in fact, that many locals meet here for business meetings and catch ups. Up the stairs on the mezzanine level is a retreat for the guests which is where breakfast is enjoyed (which is included in the room rate). Fit with board games, a record player, plenty of plush couches and armchairs, tables, snacks, and a little outdoor terrace. Best of all, there is a rooftop bar, the perfect place to soak up some of those Western Australian rays while visiting the city.

Tell us about the destination

Alex Hotel is located in Northbridge, which is Perth’s, cultural heart. Yes, that is also code for where the move lively bars are located (Alex Hotel gives each guest a pair of earplugs). Despite being right next to the CBD, Northbridge couldn’t feel further away from the corporate vibe of the city. Thanks to the huge Vietnamese community here there are plenty of cheap Banh Mi and Pho to enjoy, as well as some of the best Italian in the city at No Mafia. You can find a range of interesting, independent stores (don’t miss Safaris Record Shack record store which shares a space with Beans & Bunches Florist), make sure you leave extra room in your suitcase for the shopping you will be compelled to do here.

Who did you meet there?

I met a creative couple who were about to check out after treating themselves to a ‘staycation’. They live just down the road but love this place so much they treat themselves to a stay at Alex every once in a while, if this isn’t a testament to how great this place is, I don’t know what is?

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Australia, Perth
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Surrounding Activities

Shadow Wine Bar

Bar hopping in Northbridge, starting at Shadow Wine Bar which is part of Alex Hotel.

Shadow Wine Bar

Vietnamese restaurants

Enjoying a delicious (and dirt cheap) Vietnamese meal that the neighbourhood is known for.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia, which is only a stone’s throw away and has an incredible collection of indigenous art.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

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