About me

Brisney Land (Brisbane)

Bondi Beach (Sydney), 11 years now.

ideally off the beaten track. Planned, but open to change.    

Haven’t stayed but love the look of Ceylon Sliders (Sri Lanka)

it was my first time, Hong Kong at 11 yo. But the most significant…..India, hands down! In Varanasi, my girlfriend and I naively taking a photo of a burning gat (funeral ceremony), then being SWARMED by locals, screaming that the digital photo would prevent the spirit from entering the heavens. Insisting however that a small donation would go a long way towards helping!

Oaxaca City. Just an absolute hidden gem in the middle of arid southern Mexico. Where the locals go to holiday. And of course the home of Mezcal!

Guns, Germs & Steel. Shaped the way I look at people and the world.

Have become a BIG fan of the green smoothie. Never hungry in the morning, always short on time, this drink concoction…IS a meal!

open Google Maps on my phone. Then (embarrassingly) I like to set up my nest first. Get to my room, shoes and toiletries out of the suitcase. Breathe. Then pumped to go and explore!

being woken up by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Lombok (29/07/18) was pretty unforgettable! Other than that, I distinctly remember driving through India, ten hours across two days, in awe, pasted to the car window, staring out, just about getting whiplash watching it all go by, taking it all in. Never found sitting in a car seat so exhausting!

The park bench at the second hole tee box, sitting atop Crescent Head. Exactly half way between Sydney and Brisbane, neither here nor there, the sleepiest little surf town….always reminds me of driving home for the Christmas.

Deep diving Google Maps. And talking to the taxi drivers.

Especially in recent years, I love third world travel. I find it so humbling to see and meet the ‘have nots’ who ‘want not’. Puts a lot of first world problems right into perspective!

Both eyes wide open, and a ‘yes’ attitude.

Sri Lanka, especially the south.