About me

Brisbane, Queensland, and spent most of my grown-up years in Sydney.

Mermaid Beach, Queensland. It is as pretty as it sounds.

super slow, mostly unplanned, often chasing sun.

Southwest Surf House, in Hossegor (on the South West coast of France).

I was 23, and was doing a consulting project in Kuala Lumpur. Being a young woman, working for a giant Muslim Malay corporation – there were so many rules – like when I could talk, who I could talk to, what I could wear, even when I could eat! Being typically outspoken and I guess pretty culturally unaware, this was especially eye-opening for me.

Lisbon, Portugal – the colours, architecture, local wines and cheese, relaxed city vibes and waves. Definitely a place I could set up home.

Milk & Honey by Rapu Kaui. Extremely beautiful poetry.

Coffee by morning. Red wine by eve. Please repeat.

explore a new place by foot. My first thing is to hit the streets, walk around and get my bearings. If it’s urban I’ll specifically be on the lookout for coffee, wine bars and yoga studio.

 a chance meeting in a winery in Mendoza (Argentina)  which led to driving 3,500 km across the country in an overlander truck. It was unplanned and so perfect, a really sweet way to explore the back-country of Argentina.

Yamba, Northern New South Wales. A quaint little beach town, very chill. Just a day or two is enough to completely unwind.  

winging it… I’ll typically arrive pretty clueless, ask the hotel staff / Airbnb hosts /locals in the surrounding cafes/bars for recommendations and see what happens.

Traveling is like getting a new pair of eyes, a new mouth, new ears and skin. Sometimes, it even brings a new family… not to say there was anything wrong with the old one.. but for me travel is incredibly expansive.

usually myself. I like to travel solo.

a passport and something to write in.

Aro Ha Resort in New Zealand. Also Margaret River. I am really excited to do some more local tourism, especially on the west coast of Australia.