About me

sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Noosa, Sunshine Coast… by way of NYC and Melbourne for a total of eight

Experiences not bucket lists.

I’m more so in awe rather than shocked by other cultures, but I definitely found
myself feeling a bit weird, for lack of a better word, when travelling solo in India. I
visited Varanasi – otherwise known as the “City of the Dead” – where people make a
pilgrimage to the holy city with recently deceased loved ones. The Hindu believe that
if a deceased’s ashes are laid in the Ganges at Varanasi, their soul will be transported
to heaven and escape the cycle of rebirth. So, as you might imagine, there were a lot
of smells and scenes that confronted my Western senses. But it was truly beautiful to

Is that a trick question? Too many to count… but a few top contenders are Dubrovnik
for its history and surrounding islands; Milos in Greece for its arid, moon-like
landscape; Marrakech for the markets/shopping; Hong Kong for the food; Brazil for
its modern architecture; Noosa for its beautiful beaches (might be biased); Tokyo for
the people; and Los Angeles for the vibes.

‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

Fresh-caught, steamed mud crabs. You can take the traveller out of
Queensland but not Queensland out of the traveller! ☺

go for a long walk to get my bearings (read: get lost). If I’m on an island or in
South East Asia I will almost certainly be jumping on a scooter and going for
a cruise (read: also getting lost).

“The Albanian Experience”. It’s a strange, strange country. Enough said.

home (Sunshine Coast), or Bali (my second home).

searching Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs. Asking and befriending locals once at the
destination. Also, see ‘getting lost’ (above).

Experiencing something unique to a place or its culture. Meeting new people
from all around the world and all walks of life. Learning and evolving as a
human person.

My Aztec scarf from Sedona… it’s become quite the travel companion. It doubles as a blanket, a towel and a bag.

South Africa and Kenya – given the absolute love I have for animals I actually can’t
believe I haven’t been on a safari there yet.