About me

All over…but the ‘Bondi Bubble’ is home.

Lake Tahoe, California.

Hedonistic, spontaneous, authentic adventure-seeker.

I attempted to negotiate a taxi fare (in my limited Spanish, holding up five fingers and nodding “Sí,” ) from Havana to Las Terrazas, Cuba. An hour later after a stunning drive winding through the lush green hills, we pulled up to a Casa Particular – a lovely rustic farmhouse with a tractor out front and rocking chairs on the veranda. I pulled out a $5CUC note (thinking I was giving a generous tip) and my driver looked at me and shook his head… We proceeded to drive around the village to find a lady who spoke English. She explained that the fare was actually $50CUC… I guess the extra 0 was lost in translation.

No big deal except that so far, every ATM I’d gone to wouldn’t accept any of my four bank cards. Eventually we found a hotel that was able to pull cash out for me. I was all set to navigate the country like the old days – before wifi, smartphones and google translate. Should have taken a Lonely Planet guide on that trip!

Black Rock City.

Own The Day by Aubrey Marcus. Total gamechanger. 

A Pablo Escobar margarita + crispy buffalo wings with saffron threads and blue cheese sauce from Mamasan.

Get in the mood with a track that embodies the destination as the plane touches down. 

Christmas in Moscow… a million twinkling fairylights, lavishly adorned Christmas trees throughout G.U.M. (Moscow’s iconic department store)… Stepping outside wandering the fairytale-like Christmas markets selling toys and decorations galore, and ice skating in Red Square, framed by the dazzling Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Everything dusted with icing-sugar like snow – absolutely magical. 

the Maldives. Underwater. 

sharing travel stories with friends, insider tips from locals, diving down the Instagram rabbit hole… and Resident Advisor for the parties.

Diving into a new environment to disrupt patterns of thinking, freeing yourself of the social conditioning, responsibilities and routine of everyday life. Creating space and opening your mind to experience life through a perspective, chatting to locals, storytelling with travelers, tasting the local flavours and dancing to a different beat.

My Bose noise cancelling headphones, eye mask and Qantas PJs to make the long haul flights from Australia as luxurious as possible. And my most recent purchase, which I am in love with: The Away Bigger Carry On with laptop pocket and battery – keeps everything organised and compact, and rolls like a dream when racing for the final boarding call!