About me

Luxembourg, yes this tiny little country in the middle of Europe.Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia.

Be spontaneous & get out of your comfort zone.

Drop Inn Lombok

I was 16 when my mom travelled to Malaysia with me. I had such a cultural shock that after that trip, I never wanted to travel back to South East Asia. 10 years later – I live here.

Cologne in Germany, I thought I would stay and live there long term but then I travelled to Bali and never came back!

The Alchemist, an amazing story about a shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure.

Coffee or french fries.

I go explore the venue and the village around me.

I was supposed to fly from Bali to New Zealand but long story short: spent the day in Brisbane and was super happy about the unplanned Australian stamp in my passport.

A beach, no matter where but I need the sound of the ocean.

Suggestions of people I know or met or locals.

Exploring different cultures and places and getting a glimpse into a different kind of life. Finding inspiration and finding your true self. Being free to let your personality become this mix of impressions

A friend, a new friend or somebody you already know as happiness is more real when shared.

Music – because music creates a special connection and access to moments and memories.

Exploring more of Indonesia or go skiing up in the mountains which I haven’t done this in 10 years. I guess I got too focused on the sunny destinations.

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