About me

Brisbane, otherwise known as BrisVegas.


Always checking around the next corner..

Hotel Amour, Paris… intimate, super cool, epic neighbourhood…fantastic bar/restaurant and a stone’s throw from a couple of big train stations to whisk you away to other parts of Europe.

taking the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Cueta and driving across the border in Morocco was baptism by fire – a stifling midsummer heat pierced by the beeping cars and motorbikes… people, dogs, camels going every which way amid a dusty haze, “guides” offering to get us through immigration, a complete car inspection, money changing hands to grease the situation, then diving into the swirl of traffic. Something I’ll never forget.

Barcelona… has it all. Beaches, culture mountains close by… and a lifestyle to live by.

recently, Anthony Steven’s “Jung: a very short introduction”.

An amazing Gin and Tonic I had at a little pensione in Slovenia infused with Tasmanian Sichuan pepper, Cardamon and some kind of Elderflower.

Get a bicycle and start wheeling…THE best way to move around while taking it all in!

Alaska… backpacking, rafting, fishing, living off the land and generally adventuring around with a few mates for a few months in late summer.

North Stradbroke Island, Australia… the slow beat of island life… settling, getting into the rhythm of surf, eat, sleep… surf, eat, sleep…

A mix of good research and spontaneous exploration.

Continuing to see new things, hear new ideas, meet new people and understand different approaches to life. Getting out of my comfort zone.

my Kindle… you just never know when you’ll get stuck somewhere and be in need of a book.

Mongolia… wild, nomadic, expansive, a land of extremes and the remnants of an empire that once spread almost all of the known world at its peak.