About me

Brisbane, the capital city of the “Sunshine State” in Australia.


Experience places like a local.

Kex Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I went to Istanbul as a teenager. Having never been exposed to the history, architecture, food, religion or culture that is so prevalent there, I was in awe. An old man also offered my dad a camel in exchange for me which was pretty shocking (and absolutely hilarious). I’m glad my dad wasn’t in the market for a camel.

Sydney. I might be bias because I live here but it has everything I love – fantastic food, beautiful beaches, an exciting city and access to nature. For the same reasons Helsinki, Hong Kong and Seattle are close contenders!

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Dumplings. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner (for curing hangovers!).

start pounding the pavement and getting lost. I love to walk when I travel for my reasons – it’s a cheap way to get around, I can burn off some of the copious amounts of food I eat when travelling and it is an easy way to discover cosy cafes, bustling bars that the guidebooks don’t tell you about.

snorkeling in Iceland was surreal. We got kitted out in buoyant suits that protected us from the near-freezing waters and helped us float in the body of water that occupies the space between two tectonic plates. The water is so clear that you can see the 150 metres down.

Lord Howe Island. There is a limited numbers of people allowed to visit so you feel like you have the entire island to yourself. There is no reception either so you’re forced into a digital detox – regardless, the last thing you want to do there is sit on your phone.

steering clear of the tourist traps and exploring neighborhoods where locals live.

because I always learn something new when I travel, no matter where I go.

a bottle of water, a camera and an eye mask.

Antarctica. I’ve already started saving for my trip there and I want to get there sooner rather than later given how quickly it is melting.