About me

I’m originally from a small coastal town between Boston, Cape Cod and Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA.

I’m currently based in and out of my suitcase, which is why I named my blog The Suitcasey, but I will soon call Los Angeles home.

My travel style is structured in order to be relaxed.

I cannot pick a favorite destination! You can DM me for in-destination picks though.

The first time I experienced that peculiar and disoriented feeling of culture shock was my inaugural solo trip abroad, when I spent two weeks in London, wandering the streets and loving the butterflies of unfamiliarity in my stomach. I don’t need to go far to feel that sensation and I do my best to conjure the emotion in my own city by continually discovering new corners.

I lived in Hong Kong for four years and it  will always have my heart. Hong Kong is where I grew up and became my own woman. It was also my gateway to the many wonders of Asia.

I often find that people struggle to tell and understand their own journey or path, so I find myself recommending Pamela Slim’s ‘Body of Work’ often as she breaks down articulating the personal brand very well. ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and Ryan Holiday’s ‘The Obstacle Is the Way’ are also favorites.

I am a big fan of Thai vegetable curry, ripe mango and fresh coconut water. My libation of choice varies by season. I like a white rum, soda, mint and lime in the summer and a dry Hendrick’s martini with olives in colder months.

When I get to a location the first thing I generally do is walk. I like to touch the ground and get out into a place.

A particular travel experience embedded in my mind is trekking in the jungle and rice fields in Luang Probang. I was with my now husband and our guide, passing through incredible scenery and remote villages where people were building huts, collecting eels to sell in the markets and making tools by hand. I felt lucky to be there, witnessing a completely different way of life from my own. It was a little magical.

My favorite place to switch off and relax is at my parents house in the summer. I get out on a lounger to read a book, throw a ball for the dogs, play with my nieces and nephews, laugh, eat and drink with my family, go for long runs along the water or through the golf course, stroll to the beach, grab a lobster roll, catch up with old friends… life is pleasant there.

My main research tools are Instagram, guides from publications like Destination Outpost, local blogs, boutique hotel recommendations and Trip Advisor.

Travel means growth to me. Every destination you visit brings new perspective and wider understanding of cultures and people. Something deep inside of me lights up when I discover a new place. My husband and I travel breezily together. We share a love for exploration and respectful efforts to understand people, so travel is a healthy activity for us. We tend to open each other’s eye to new perspectives as well, and travel leads the way for concurrent growth.

You won’t find me globetrotting without my tempur pedic eye mask. I love my sleep.