About me

Sydney, Australia.

the sweltering Caribbean Coast of Colombia.


I was at a local beach party in Jamaica. It wasn’t the outrageous dancing or the peculiar goat soup that threw me off. It was the strange strain of “English” that the locals spoke. Having broken conversation in what was supposed to be the same language was really disorienting.

Sydney! Even after all the amazing places I’ve visited, this is still the only city that I want to call home. Paris is a close second though.

Shaun Usher’s ‘Letters of Note’. This book of correspondence is so moving. History has never been more interesting, or more human.

A sloppy street-food-style taco on a soft corn tortilla.

go on a walking tour to get my bearings if I’m in a big city, or find a quiet spot to take in the view if I’m not.

playing with wild juvenile sea lions on the Galapagos Islands. I spent one memorable lung full of air swimming in a circle in sync with one of my playmates. I felt like a mermaid.

in a gallery, a cafe with a book or on the couch with a good movie. Anywhere quiet with art.

reading up on the history of a place before I go. When I arrive I love to sit in public places or ride public transport to see how the locals get about.

it always reminds me of what I value most in life.

my talented boyfriend of instagram who happens to be a fun boyfriend IRL too.

saving local emergency numbers in my phone. I’m a bit cautious like that!

I’d love to spend a few months in the Philippines, where I was born, getting to know my history, people, and visiting many of the postcard-perfect islands.