Hi there! Tom, Kristian and Hannah here, and we’re a bunch of Brisbane-born Australians who love to find the best places to travel. We’re also the founders of Destination Outpost.

We have been bound together through a mutual love of travel. Mind you, our travel styles are worlds apart. Tom is a sun-seeking surfer and yogi. Kristian cycles or hikes any mountain he can find. And Hannah loves to eat and drink her way through a city. But we all have one thing in common – we love to meet people while on the road and, through word of mouth, discover the best places to travel.

This website was borne from a frustration we all have in common – the time-consuming and difficult task of finding accommodation that meets that sweet spot of beautifully designed, affordable and communal. We’re all in our 30s now, so we’ve graduated from the budget hostel life (although we have plenty of fond memories). We prefer to spend our money on experiences than sleep, but we still like to be somewhere that we love the look of. Yes, we are describing a unicorn. But in this case, unicorns do exist. That is why we created Destination Outpost, so you can spend your valuable time enjoying your travels rather than searching for these hard-to-find, exceptional accommodation experiences.

We have also searched far and wide for an amazing team of contributors who have reviewed the venues. We have selected travel writers with varying interests, but hold the same values as our brand – community focused, experience loving and environmentally conscious. If you have any suggestions for a destination or place to travel you would like to see featured, let us know!